Spring Cleaning

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

In Due Time

More than once I’ve been told that on the list of your priorities I come a close third to that damn job and that old Chevy you’ll never fix.

Perhaps I’ll be on the front burner one day

Perhaps the whistles of the wind won’t be the only sweet nothings I hear

The bed sheets won’t be the only thing beside me

Barren woman cold and scorned

Perhaps that won’t be me.

I suppose I could confront you

But we both know you’ve never been one to want to be called out on your shit.

Where’s my cut?

I’ve put in my due time

But so quickly I forget

What’s yours isn’t mine.

A Mid Summer’s Nightmare

How are you both summer and winter?

Savage and bloodthirsty

Yet sweet

Why do you insist on mocking me?

Leave me dull and lifeless

Leave me by the road with the stale sofa and old clothes

I’ll be safer here

Now and then check my wrist and see if I’m still breathing

But come to me for no other reason

Spring Cleaning

The table, that lamp, that chair

Throw them out

That sofa your mother paid for

I hate it

Throw it out

Those curtains were always cheap

And that blue wall, your choice of course, never went with anything

Paint over it

Leave your key under the mat


The other one

I won’t be here next time you call

The cord from the phone won’t reach my apartment across town

From there I won’t be able to see the park

I’ll miss that

From there I won’t see your clothes I left to burn on the sidewalk

But I’ll still blush

And last of all

Those pictures of you

I’ll throw those out