Social Justice

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Colored Dreams


He had a dream

and I have mine too

But I tell my momma

That this world still divides


I have my dream

but the white man

beats it up ‘till it’s black and blue

He kicks it in the dirt

A dirty dream he says

My humble brown dream

is a piece of shit

next to his, white and pure

I scream in my head

Dreams don’t have color

but he doesn’t believe me

So I paint my dream on the canvas

and he paints his

but white on white can’t be seen

now his dreams are the invisible

brown on white can be seen

my dreams are now invincible


Jungle of Broken Promises


It’s like a jungle

as I sit in wonder,

Where are the streets of gold?

I sit in the cold

because Padre moved us north

“To create a life of worth,

we must move forth,”

he said.

but now the white man’s the one

who’ll keep his promise

He’s got Madre in chains,

She’s frozen

In this jungle it doesn’t cease to rain

new friends Abuela said I’ll make

but the kids in sneakers

laugh at my sandalias

and the only thing I’ve found is pain

The man in blue

Ignores Madre’s plea to keep her family together

as if he didn’t have one too

Padre went missing

I pray the Caucasian lions

don’t prey on on his life

To make home beneath a tree

not the tallest or mightiest

just enough for us,

Padre said this land once belonged to Los Indios,

but now the white men think it belongs to them

The envious

The Mexican Caracara bird

sees a tree not as his

but a nest for all

Here I realize we are Caracara’s flying into an Eagle’s territorial nest

I sit in wonder,

will my wings here ever rest?


Word Graffiti


Life’s saddest tragedy

is the simplest

epitome of stupidity

That “we” created the

notion of “you” and “me”

Neglecting the world’s presence of “us”

“We” morphed into “me”

and “us” blew away with all else





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