Running Sequence

Friday, January 17th, 2014


It's Just a Run

Your heart is pounding,

But your body is calm.

You're with friends,

Your team,

Your family.


Your problems fade and worries disappear.

You feel comforted.

You feel at peace.


You never stop moving,

Place to Place,

Step to Step,

It's just a run.


The Gun Goes Off


The travel was long,

But the race will be short.


You're anxious,

Your mind wanders.

'Can I get this time?'

'Can I run this race?'

You already know the answer.


You focus on what's at hand:

Warm-up, stretch, drills, gear.

Make sure your shoes are tied.




Get to the line.

Run out and back.

Family Prayer before it starts.

Good Luck.

On your marks,



The Finish


Your mind goes completely blank.

You do the only thing you know how,



The pace is fast,

But you could go faster.

Forcefully, you hold back

For it is only the start.


Miles go by and

From a group comes cheers.

The only voice you hear is Coach,

'Three Reds, Go Now.'

Make your move,

Don't think, do.


It's the final mile,

And quicker your legs move.

Now, the final stretch.

You're flying.


Finishing the race

Others fall to the ground

As you stand tall and proud.