Practicing a Christmas Pageant

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Only twelve more days

Until the night arrives.

The list has twice been checked,

And ninety-nine more times to go.

So many parents wanting wishes granted,

So many children dreaming

Instead of learning lines.

Mrs Nolan wants her little star in the lead,

But spoiled Amelia won't listen to direction.

And all the Whos down in scenery

Might need a Grinch to speed them up.

Maybe Santa will bring me costumes,

Since no one seems to care.


Keep the egg nog coming

As everything falls apart.

This is our final dress rehearsal,

And not a creature knows their lines.


Now the curtain's going up,

In the audience there's no room.

Parents and directors keep their watch,

As silent as the night,

While ages of planning and preparing

Somehow come together.

The choir may not be angels,

And the Wisemen keep their sacred texts

In front of them,

But tis the season to overlook such things.

I close my eyes and exhale,

Then focus solely on the story,

And not the way it's told.

The joy that I'd forgotten,

Shining brightly once again.