Night Shower

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Stripping myself of the day’s clothes

I climb into the shower

Scrubbing the accumulated dirt from my body.

Seeking to wash away the relentless

toils and troubles

A hurled insult that landed

Square in the gut

A spasm of nervousness that spread

Under my arms and to my palms

A grief that clenched

My heart

And a sorrow that reddened my eyes.

Today has been so splendid

I do not need a shower

I want the dirt and dust of the day

To wrap me in a shroud.

Peppermint oil massaged in my shoulders

By a yoga instructor

A baby’s warm embrace

as she cuddled against my shoulder

Against my chest

My dog’s ecstatic little dance when offered his ball

And a chance to play.

These delights are fleeting and I will cradle them

Just a little longer