My Shadow and I

Friday, May 5th, 2017

He watches me and I watch him

As we sip our tea.

He asks me how my book is going,

And when I say it should be finished soon,

He says he doubts it.

I say the only problem is my school work,

He says stop the school work,

Im bound to fail anyway.

My only self-expression,

He thinks,

Will be the piercing yells

And upturned tables,

Like my father.

He tempts me to surrender

And let him slither in.

To let the cycle repeat

So that he can fully live

To lie, manipulate, and kill.

He says it will be fun

Not to fight my impulses,

To let the bomb go off.

My hand reaches for the knife

So I can end the struggle,

But I realize whats about to happen,

And again I refuse to listen.

I know that there are better ways,

No matter what he says.

The light exiles him one more time

To languish on the outside,

And Ill fight my whole life through

To keep my darkness just a shadow.