Little Mustard Tree, Where Are Thee?

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Little Mustard Seed


When will your kingdom come?

Your trunks inside

With your hidden infant leaves

Don't you hear your people's cries?

You say you're humble,

But the hollow children's stomach rumble

Little Mustard Seed,

You say you'll grow strong

But the little children won't if you wait too long

They don't know what they did wrong


Little mustard seed,

You say truth in time

But little mustard seed,

People are dying, don't you know?

They wont hear the truth

If your seed is not sown soon


Little Mustard Seed,

Smallest of the seeds

Mightiest of the trees

Your kingdom I want to see

So I can nest under your shade

When will your kingdom be made?


Little mustard seed,

I ask you,

But now I ask me

Why didn't I see

That you are planted in me

Waiting for me to grow

To see your kingdom come

To see your will be done



Little Mustard Tree,

I am soil to thee

Planted in my ground

Your kingdom can be found

In me

Rest in my shade,

Your kingdom is being made


Your kingdom come,

Your will be done