A How-to Guide on Getting Better

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Smile at strangers even if they don't need it.

Read your favorite book backwards.

Is the story still satisfying?

Carry your doubt and uncertainty

 to the edge of your comfort zone

and politely ask them to step over.


Don't paint the town red.

Paint it a brilliant gold instead to match the horizon.

Tuck your demons in,

but not before asking them if they want a glass of water.


Fill your prescription bottles with cat eye marbles and long ago dreams.

Toss them into the swimming pool you grew up in.

Dive in after them, forget you can't swim or don't want to

or maybe you don't remember how.

Rest on the bottom till you feel like coming up for air.


I have my how-to guide written on the back of my hands

And on the soles of my shoes

And on autumn leaves

But it's not complete yet

because I'm writing it everyday.