Falling (in love)

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016







                              G (in love)


You are a shot of espresso shocking my body awake.

You are a time machine transporting me back to every shared kiss.

Take me to the future so I know that you'll be in mine.


The way we speak in code to one another separates us from them.

A native tongue that only the two of us understand.

Like a love letter from a soul mate you didn't know you had.

Put one and one together and you get us.

If I'm being cliché, you're my missing puzzle piece.


I feel crazy when you're around.

Like the cocoons in my stomach are starting to hatch.

The butterflies escape when I laugh and now that you're around

that's all the time.

I hope you like butterflies.


I get crazy ideas.

Like maybe we should runaway and join the circus.

I'm no performer, but you've got my stomach doing somersaults

like I'm on a tightrope walking.




Our story felt like a movie that nobody, but us, would want to watch.