Creative License

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

They're right, you know.

The Future is a blank canvas

make it what you will.


I'm not afraid of the canvas.

I'm afraid of the supply shop.

The institution you pay 

for the watercolors

            the acrylics

            the oils

            the charcoal.

                        Always in short supply.

You're dragged in by anxious parents

shouting "my kingdom for a paintbrush!"

            Your Crayola 6-gun is worthless.

                        If you don't have the 64 pack, don't bother.

An adolescent Black Friday,

Risk your life to force a decision,

            Then grab the Crimson,


                                    Burnt Sienna,

                                    and Lemon

                        Then realize at home you don't want Lemon,

                                                But Battleship Gray instead.

            And you're told it doesn't matter

                                    by the colorblind,

And that color is discontinued anyway

            So you believe it.

And you step up to your canvas,

            being told to stay in the lines all your life,

                        to freehand your life's work.  


The Future is a blank canvas,

make it what you can

while supplies last.