The Creation

Friday, May 5th, 2017

It was like coming up for air after being underwater for too long. That abrupt, greedy intake of air that startles the one that so desperately needs it. At the same time, though, it was the most amazing, reassuring feeling in the world... I was incredibly conscious of air filling my lungs, of the cool earth beneath me, of the warm sun caressing my skin, and of a presence right next to me and yet seemingly everywhere simultaneously. I opened my eyes and was at once overwhelmed by the colors of it all! The cerulean blues, verdant greens, brilliant chartreuses, the deep vermilions... Above all, the incredible brightness of it! I do not know how much time passed before I began to move my eyes around, but as soon as I did, I beheld the presence I felt near me. I was not afraid and felt completely content, perfectly at peace gazing at what was before me. Somehow, I knew that this was my Creator. There was an ancient aura about Him, but power radiated from Him. There was an immense kindness in His eyes and twinkle of pride in His creation was visible. He said nothing, however, as I began to realize all of the things I had been given. I sat up slowly, and the rush of warmth to my head nearly overwhelmed me. I pulled my hand in front of my face and watched as my skin, a yellow sand color, move into a darker, earthier tone as that same warmth flooded it. I wiggled my toes, and the sight was so novel that a deep, warm sound began in my stomach and vibrated my throat, finally coming out of my mouth. This sensation was also new, and I could not help but to do it again. He smiled and it was as if the sun brightened, all of the flowers straightened their shoulders, and the birds increased their heavenly chorus. He reached out to me and helped me rise, and then He spoke. But speaking isn't truly what he did... All of my senses began to tingle as my ears were blessed with a frighteningly beautiful music and the air crackled with power. He wanted me to follow Him! He began to show me all of His other creations and I was completely in awe of everything, particularly this Creator who made it all. I was astonished by a feeling of great gratitude. I soon realized why I felt this way, as I began to understand that every single thing created was created for a purpose, was integral to the success of this wonderful world. That meant that my Creator had deemed my creation important! That I was needed here! That I was as valuable as the sun or the moon or the stars! Then, He spoke again and told me of my purpose in His Earth... He wanted me, me! to name His creations! I fell to my knees in wonder and readily agreed even as I became aware of my inadequacy for the task, for who could deny Him? He comforted me, though, and soon I started on this titanic task. His presence lessened, and although I could still feel it all around me, and could not help feeling saddened and something else I could not name yet. I pushed these feelings aside and continued on in my purpose, determined not to let down my Creator. The sun laid quietly below the horizon to allow the moon to stretch its beams across the sky and I took my cue from the sun, lying along the ground amongst a gathering of soft, dew-swept grass.