Box Marked 'Important'

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

To you my former betrothed,

I hope that this letter finds you well.

And that despite the movements and roughness

Of the sea it reaches you.

Perhaps you wonder what has prompted me

To write you,

Or perhaps you suspected such.

I must be honest and say I myself am not certain.

It was just last week Jennie asked of you

On her way to retrieve Tom.


Possibly his sister told you

Or he called you himself, but he’s had another fall.

This time it was the rug,

So they’ve removed that too.

Jennie imagines soon she’ll have to clear the house

In order for him to get around better.

Seeing as he won’t get his sight back, I thought this best.

Jennie of course is concerned of the dust

That will show now that there isn’t furniture to hide it.

This however does not prompt her to clean.

You know how Jennie is.


I’m not certain what made her think of you.

Maybe it was your cigar box I keep by the fireplace.

Still filled and smelling of chestnuts,

And in the same place my mother’s frame use to be.

While the thought occurs to me-do you have it?

I was certain it was here

In the spare room where I planned to move it,

But perhaps you packed it with your personals.


Do ask Tom’s sister to send it if she’s found it.

Or Martha. Perhaps she discovered it

While cleaning drawers that you stuff old papers in.

On the off chance that this letter is opened

And you choose to read it,

Do tell me that you do not keep my letters there.

Do tell me that they sit in your tin

On your side of the bed

Where you keep your watch and the stamps your grandfather gave you.

Do tell me that you keep them with things that are important.